Tuesday, July 10, 2012

we've been living

dear kids,

i know i said i'd write it all down on this little memory keeper, and believe me that i have been trying to keep it all stored up in my noggin...and my phone...but we have just been so busy living;

 living by chasing papa,

 and mel,

 and busy living it up with our friends,

busy rockin' the summer mohawk and working on life skills,

busy devoting 10-11 am every weekday and a beastly four hours to each meet,

 and we've been living the good life too,

 we've been living and loving some sushi and some best friends,

 and holding up tradition celebrating the fourth at the grand 'ol parade,

mixing it up by party hopping,

 and winding it down with the river of fire,

and we have been stealing moments away for just your parents,

 and we have been so busy living it up...

and loving all of this time together that i haven't done my best and getting it all on here. 

sorry kids. but the sun is calling, so let's just pretend that all of these phone pics are kinda the same thing, k?
you're the best.

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