Friday, June 15, 2012


what might make a nadia smile like that?

well, you see, nadia is thick with megan, hannah and the squish. 


megan is q's sister and tracy's daughter.  tracy is super cool because she is also the pe teacher, but megan's dad is awesome too because he teaches woodshop which nadia just knows is going to be her favorite class.  the squish is really sienna and is hannah's little sister, but most importantly is just one of the girls.  hanna and sienna have  a super brad dad who teaches science with nadia's mom in a long distance kinda way.  super brad dad is also dad to spence and auzzie who have very little to do with this story but are always worth mentioning.  this really starts with hannah's mom who is really sienna's mom too and is all kinds of genius in her own right.
staying with me?
it was hannah's mom who initiated the super cool tradition of a birthday surprise instead of a birthday party.  for two years running, she has listened and plotted and planned and came up with the best birthday experience that her girl hannah could ask for.  a perfectly picked non party, party if you will. 

tracy carried the torch back in march for the meg-arama's 9th birthday and passed it on to me for the nani-nonster.

and that is why you see my little nani b standing on a perfectly good horse right there. 

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Tracy said...

LOVE THIS!! I was a bit worried initially when I coudn't find the horses heads, then I realized they were just practice horses. PHEW!! Love that Megan has such a good fiend in Nadia. Looking forward to future birthday surprises!!