Wednesday, June 20, 2012

the dad

to tony...
there are a million reasons why you are the perfect dad for the two little lovely leapers from our loins, but may we just this time focus on one?
it is the most important after all.
it is the thing that made you & i an us and which because you are so very good at math might have guessed, made them ours.
it is your sense of humor.....
"you see that pony?  he was going to perform tonight, but he can't.  he's a little horse"

every blessed time we pass a pony, this is what we here.  this and tony's stifled giggles. 
every time people. 

the little guy above sits in our kitchen window. i am sure it looks a little silly up there, all smug and important in it's giant bell jar.  silly like the look on the tonester's face when he cracks himself up over his joke.  knee-slapping funny, that guy is.  and we can't help but laugh, and roll our eyes just a tiny bit.  and do you know that we love it?  and we love him to pieces and pieces and pieces.

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