Sunday, December 4, 2011

the wiz of the west

remember last year when i went all toddlers and tiaras (almost)? 
well, this year i was just as nervous but i hope i was a bit more contained.  i only brought one camera. 

the missoula children's theatre and the angelou pto brought us the wiz of the west, a western take on the wizard of oz. 

my little thespian aidan rocked the part of the scared crow.  he pretty much memorized the whole play and delivered his lines with wit, but he did get a little squirrely at the end. there was one point in the second showing where aidan bobbed his head causing his beak to peck up and down vigorously for what seemed like 12 1/2 minutes that had those who know him cracking up. the rest of the audience? maybe not so much.  there was a moment there where i wondered if i was going to have a steve martin moment from the movie parenthood or if i could chill enough to be all mary steenburgen, but i have to admit, i think we have a pretty funny kid. 

nadia was dr. ozzy himself.  her part required that she yell like a mean old man from behind a screen and at one point she ad-libed a line when she forgot hers. i can't give it justice to explain it.  it will forever be the moment of 'yup'.  it was hysterical.  she doubled as the tarantula king where she had to dance around the stage all by herself to summons the rest of the tarantulas.  i realize i am her mother, but my goodness she was adorable.

what made it all the more fun was knowing the majority of the cast and having some of the besties in starring roles.  here is a squish and a megs as a tarantula and buzzard...
 and a hanners as a munch kin. 
it was a ton of work for the kids and all of the grown ups who helped pull it together, but in the end the experience was totally worth it.

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