Sunday, December 11, 2011

tis the season...

for joyous torture in the form of christmas card pictures. 

thanks to aunt debi we were able to survive a few minutes in the freezing frosty temperatures to get a couple of beauts...

like this little charmer...

but of course it is the outtakes that i love...

first there is this gem. 

you know the shot. 
everyone jumps simultaneously. 
since this girl has zero vertical, we jumped off the wall.  sounds like a solid plan except we were all out of sync.  and by we i mean tony. 

and the one where it is obvious that we have lost our minds. 

all except tony. 
he doesn't do silly as well as we do silly.
he needs more practice.  i think we should start playing pranks on him. 

he does do serious. 
here is one where it seems we plan to use aidan as a snack before we devour a couple more souls. 

no actual children were eaten and no souls were taken. 
and i didn't throw any fits about smiles and hair and clothes.

however, i believe that this is further proof that we are a bunch of freaks.


Tracy said...

Love, love the pics and the FREAKY family called the Bacharts! You guys are the best!! Happy Holidays to you!

Bella Mente said...

Haha- these are sooo you guys! The top one is simply marvelous! :) The last one would have been perfect to place next to Tony's old school scary family one for comparison- I think they would have complimented each other quite well is Aidan wasn't so cute and smiling! Have a mentioned how adorably grown up your kiddos look! Such a dang good lookin' bunch-o-freaks if I do say so myself!

Anonymous said...

I love it! I can now see the resemblance to Tony's old family pic in photo #3!

Anonymous said...

#2 equates to DEUCE