Sunday, May 15, 2011

reflections of a boarderline stagemom


 last week the missoula children's theater came to our beloved elementary, angelou.  they swoop in, hold an audition on monday for an hour long production, hold rehearsals way past dinner time and have opening night that friday (shortly followed by closing night saturday morning).  our play was king arthur's quest and let me tell you they had a stellar cast.  many a fine young actor performed.  some of my all time favorites under 12 let their inner thespian shine. 

can i just say that it was stressful?  amazing and a learning experience and fantastic to see our kids up there rocking that stage, but seriously stressful all the same.  and yes i realize that it was me who got all nagg-y with aidan about his lines when he would have been fine without my added pressure.  i was the one quizzing nadia about her posture and presence-again, none of that mattered. and i certainly invited every family member within a 57 mile radius and then didn't give up my front row seat for them- not cool stage-mom-mel, not cool- and yes it was me that brought a video camera, my camera and whipped out my cell phone to capture their moments.  i own up to sitting on the floor and making tony do the same so we could get better shots.  and yes i flashed the children my goofiest smiles so they would smile back and of course i laughed too loudly at every scene.  but they were fantastic despite my crazy stagemommy-ness. 
what a patient man

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