Wednesday, October 27, 2010


i spend way too much time here...
like this...
phone & computer, usually both.

sometimes making stuff like this.

i know a great many of us suffer from the overstimulated, overly-connected, speed-racing life but i am feeling just a wee bit overwhelmed by it at this present juncture. all of my stimulation (oh yeah sara, i said it) makes me feel flat. i feel like my constant connections make me unable to connect. i feel like this racing around is making me feel like i live in slow motion, watching my life from the outside rather than living it. 

in the infinite wisdom of joey lawrence...whoa!

i shouldn't be counting the days to my next four day weekend.
i shouldn't be obsessing about my super long fingers or that mole on my neck.
i shouldn't be relishing this decaf, super-sugar-free loaded coffee that tony made me.
i shouldn't have snipped at my second hour today, and then totally judged the teacher down the hall for the same thing.
i shouldn't be watching nadia race up and down the street in the dark on her bike with margo on her six.
i shouldn't be listening to aidan playing rockband on a week night.
i shouldn't worry about the shouldn'ts and should think more about the should. 

i want to unplug. 
get away.
shut off.
chill, but in a warm & cozy kind of way.

this is all that has been on my mind lately.  this and that freaky mole, long fingers and hairy arms now that i really look at that picture.
any suggestions? 
should it be he and me?
should it be the four of us?
should it be near?
should it be far?


Bella Mente said...

I suggest.. You and Tony pick a night/weekend and go away :) I am totally Margo and kid trained! You deserve to relax and to allll of those things you listed there! You are an incredible teacher and an amazing mom! Even Superwoman needs some rejuvination from time to time! :)

Trevor and Sara said...

It should be the 7 of us on a beach far, far away for at least 10days. No cell phones, no computers,no interruptions...just the ocean, good food, and best friends. You in?