Sunday, October 3, 2010


This sucker has been weighing us down.  This calendar is chalk full of running here, running there, running, running everywhere. I have added 4 new items since I updated this earlier this morning.  September looked much the same.  All of that has kept me from keeping track here. 

There were highs... there were lows...unfortunately they all went by in a whirlwind so I didn't catch them all.  I don't have time to write the stories for each, so I will let you decide what the comings and goings of each picture was.


Bella Mente said...

1. Margo looks like she is getting bigger! :) I bet Tony is happy with that!
2. Did you get her fixed? If so, I am terribly sad :(
3. the kids are as cute as always..
4. I missed your blog.. I check it all the time and was excited to see a new post!
5. That picture of you and Tony is amazing! You two look so good together :)
6. Hope all is well!
and last but not least,
7. would love to get together sometime!

Monique said...

I miss you so much it hurts my friend! Your babies (not so much anymore) are incredibly gorgeous! Margo looks silky, and the picture of you and Tony is beautiful!