Friday, October 29, 2010

more on the shouldn'ts

may be tmi but i thought it was an important psa and i hope you don't indeed lmao because you might need it for sitting and such.

you shouldn't light a candle while you are *ahem* relieving yourself, no matter how cute the little girl batting her eyes may just drop a flaming shard of match head on your lady parts.  really, you shouldn't. 

you shouldn't try to draw a stick figure puppy dog no matter how much you think it will help your students understand hypertonic solutions without testing it out on a person who can think like a 15 year old boy...all it will help them remember is that their teacher drew something that looked really, really phallic.  you really, really shouldn't.


Anaface said...

were you trying to light methane and maybe burnt your unmentionables?

Bella Mente said...

haha omg! this made my night!

Mimi said...

no face, i was not trying to light anything but the match.
nadia wanted to light a halloween candle. since i was a captive audience, i agreed to help. big mistake.

lexi- glad i made you smile:)