Sunday, October 31, 2010

trying for redemption

i made these

not the children

well yes the children, i don't want to mistakenly lead them to think i found them under a rock...

but the headbands.

i have been super self conscious of my drawing skills since the stick figure dog fiasco of fifth period but i think these have redeemed me at least a little. i impressed tony so i am happy. and it appears that my chinese dragon drawing skills do not mark me as a one trick pony. i can draw two very distinct dragons depending on who is over my shoulder directing my sharpie. 

those children,
my little ninjas,
they were impressed too.


Anaface said...

I would like to place an order! You have always been creative but this is amazing!

Monique said...

I'm impressed :) But I always am with you! Love ya

james said...

hasan CHOP!