Monday, October 11, 2010

this one

oh this one

if i were completely truthful i would say that this one is getting on my last nerve. there has been a constant slue of backtalk and arguing that revoked DS privileges have not dammed. there have been tears of injustice. there has been forgetfulness.  there is always the struggle of letting others get a word in. there has been finger pointing.  really, finger pointing.  when did that start?

but then there is so much good in this one.

i don't have to look too hard to find it, i just have to look from his perspective.
his never ending chatter is because he has so many ideas running around in that brilliant brain of his. his endless questioning that feels so much like arguing is the reason he is way above grade level in math and reading. his peaceful face each morning as i go to wake him up reminds me that he asks for fairness because he believes it is what is right.  his tunnel vision to complete a task is determination not willfulness and a belief that he is doing what he thinks is right.  and he does do what is right.  when a friend was playing a questionable game, he was the only one who asked for it to be turned to something less violent.  his expectations for himself and his friends is unbelievably high.

and then i remember that i was little once too...


Bella Mente said...

He is one stud of a kid :) and he is going to do so many great things through his walk of life- I cant wait to see where the sidewalk takes him :)

PRP said...

I've always been so impressed with how you KNOW your you make no excuses for the wonderful kids that they are and love every inch of them. Aidan is perfectly Aidan and we wouldn't want him any other way.

Anaface said...

I will not comment on your childhood, ok maybe I will say a little something....jeans too tight in the knees.....poor dad:) Aidan on the other hand is perfect in every way!