Friday, July 30, 2010

nine, nine and feelin' fine

His feet fill out my shoes and is 4 foot 4 inches of gorgous. He likes his hair long but has relented to a compromise, a sort of reverse mullet.  Business in the back, all party in the front.  He loves trivia, challenges, legos and video games. Happily, right now he loves reading the most.  He is talented, deteremined and self-taught, qualities that can get him neck high in a sea of trouble.  He still has a deep rooted love of all animals but has no qualms about eating baby octopus (sorry honey that is just gross). When I am having a bad moment, he will try to knead the worry out of my shoulders.  There have been many days when his smootchie kisses and full body hugs are my highlights.  Nine years ago today, at 6:41 pm to be precise because this IS Aidan we are talking about here and that boy of mine loves him some precision, he made me a mother.  Happy Birthday Aidan-Love. 


james said...

Happy Birthday Meester!

Monique said...

Happy number 9 big guy! We will see you next week!