Monday, August 2, 2010

waves & lines & cherry peanut butter sandwiches

Grammie and Papa put us up at Geraldine's B & B for Aidan & Lane's combo-birthday-bash after we had dinner at the Spaghetti Factory.  We were in the great city of Spokane, a city known for birthing wonderful people.  You know, like Bing Crosby, Andria Maxwell and Me.  Spumoni ice cream topped the birthday-night for my main man. 
I still can't believe he is nine!
Well, I suppose it stepping in poo, the species of origin still unknown, was the true topper of the evening on the town.
The next morning...SILVERWOOD. 
Bumper boats are fun for one and all...except if your name begins with A and ends with r-i-a and you have a strategic invisible target that beacons one and all to fire freezing water upon you. Good thing she recovers quickly.

Squirting others is nearly as much fun as being in the boats, with only half the wait. 

What do you do while 5/8ths of your party are waiting in a forever of a line for the tremors roller coaster?  Well, don spectacularly funky hats of course. 

and, if you are a really awesome cousin, you let your little cousin take you on the carousal too.

and, try to take a picture of the crazies on the coaster but fail miserably.  But, you can still capture their queasy expressions as they get off. 
Thanks to a picnic provided by Jill from the B&B we were able to save some cash and go back to the cars to eat lunch.  I have never had a PB&J that good.  Seriously. 

Then off to Boulder Beach where we didn't take a single picture because you would have to be pretty dang talented to snap anything other than your neck (or if one or two cases loose your drawers) while being pummeled by the wave pools.  This was perfect torture for someone who hates to get her face wet, but I loved it anyway.  Then there was the lazy river and a not-so-playful suggestion that we install one of those in our backyard.  Could you imagine? 

Papa has been suggesting this for years.  If there is a lesson here it is always listen to your Dad. 
What a great day!!!
Happy Birthday Aidan & Happy Birthday Lane!!!

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