Thursday, July 15, 2010

while i was out

aidan discovered the joy of harry potter.  that boy becomes a recluse when he gets into a book.

nadia lived up to her instigating ways as a little sister.

the kids read 12 letters from me and 8 corny jokes.

nadia talked in a British accent during an entire phone conversation magically melting away the 3000 mile stretch for 10 minutes.

margo continued to find new and exciting ways to eat furniture.

tony had a 1200 square foot patio poured on our back hill.

then he raked out the tippity top of the hill so the fence can go in.

then he took the kids to the movies and tutoring and cooked dinner and cleaned the house.

then he cut the infamous beams to make a pergola.

then he forged his very own brackets to make it all tri-city wind proof.

somewhere in all of that he dropped a beam on his foot and banged his elbow bringing the 6 month detriment total up to 4 major injuries and one minor hammer-to-the-finger

and he brought his awesomest husband status up to awesomer-awesomest husband EVER!

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Bella Mente said...

I have missed your posts!! :) Glad to have you home! Where did you go? haha