Friday, July 23, 2010

its not that i love to exasperate you babe

its just that i love that look of exasperation on your face. 

like last night when you fell asleep half way through my HILARIOUS cat stories.  believe me, those tails were cracking me up.  look, i did it again.  you wouldn't know i was doing that for like minutes and minutes because you conked out smack dab in the middle of a good one. scratch that. a great one.  man, i am on fi-yah!

even in your sleep your mouth was pressed tight, but turned up just slightly in the corners. a sure sign that you don't want to think i am funny but you just can't help yourself.  your eyes were closed, but it was clear that you were rolling them. how does someone even roll their eyes in their sleep? you are super-uber talented. or seriously practiced.  was it at me? was it at yourself because your sleepy self thought i was a riot but whatever little bit was still in twixieland wasn't ready to budge. 

either way, i win because i get that sweet look of pure exasperation to fall asleep to. 

irresistibly goofy.

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