Wednesday, June 2, 2010

when will i ever get over...

feeling overjoyed when someone waves me through an intersection that I have been stuck at? it is like i won a little lottery and my heart swells a little for mankind. seriously, it makes my day ever single time.

gritting my teeth and wanting to scream when i hear what is happening inside someone’s mouth? the slobbery-sucking-smacking sounds that go with eating gag me with a spoon. i can only begin to describe the torture it is for me when margo goes to town on a pig's ear before i gnash my teeth so hard i am afraid i may damage something.

the instantaneous love i feel when tony slips his hand into mine? i feel like i am melting. melting like decadent chocolate lava cake, all warm and comfy and deliciously fulfilling.

feeling like i am going to jump out of my skin at the sight of a black widow? it has been decades since that one crawled out of the vacuum cleaner tube and up my bare belly. my wonder woman underoos didn't protect me from that thing, but my dad, armed with my favorite mickey mouse blanket perfect for capture and squishing, did. you would think i would act like a grown up now that i have my own children to protect from vile creatures.

saying yes to so many obligations? i just want to relax and enjoy what is in front of me instead of running around like a lunatic. simplify.

loving the squeals of high-schoolers when they see something for the first time, like the tinsiest organisms found in pond scum?

kicking myself when i say something that can be misconstrued so dang easily? like when i spot a hydra on a microscope slide and say a little too enthusiastically, to a group of pubescent boys mind you, wow, you have a big one! followed quickly and directly by a stern "shut up, shut up, shut up" in time for them to only exchange looks and not words. real mature mel, real mature.

the irresistible qualities of a kitten-face? really any kitten face will do, but this one is particularly lovable what with the purring and meowing and black nose and clumsiness.  he will love his new home and i hope his new family loves him as much as i already do.

thinking i married the most capable person on the planet? never probably, since he now has his PE to support my theory, on top of being able to fix practically anything. anything but the broken bones he seems to incur from climbing the stairs. i love that guy fiercely.


Anaface said...

When will you deliver this kitten with the oh so cute mittens which I am truly smitten to me?

Mimi said...

there are 3 more where this one came from. :) you need to sweet talk your hubby to be, not me! you know i am totally in favor of you having a kitten with oh so sweet mittens with which to be smitten.