Monday, June 21, 2010

i remember the day

you said that you wanted me to be the mother of your children.  i have never in my life felt more loved. 
for some reason i will never understand, i was given you. you my perfect balance. you to love. you as a partner. and you as a father for Aidan and Nadia. they are growing up to believe that they deserve love.  they deserve to be appreciated and accepted for who they are.  they get that from being loved, appreciated and accepted by you.  they are growing up to value hard work, a lesson you teach them every time you let them help, even though it takes twice as long.  they know you are always in their corner.  they know that you will always expect the very best from them.  and they know that you will always be there when its time to play. 

oh, and you like to put funny hats on the dog.  i don't know how that makes you the greatest dad ever, but it makes you the perfect dad for our family.


Monique said...

Tony you are pretty stinkin' wonderful! Happy belated Father's Day!


PRP said...

Tony rocks. Even if he can't make it up or down the stairs in one piece.

Happy Father's Day!