Thursday, June 24, 2010

the old and the beautiful

I spent some time with an old friend and her beautiful family.  Oh Farfella! She lives a long way away and we have had our moments of distance, but what can you say about your very first best friend?  She still knows how to make me laugh.  She is still as beautiful as ever.  She has proclaimed to have a terrible memory, but somehow she still remembers the funniest times. 
There were many. 
Too many to list. 
We were a good match, she and I.  I was the straightman to her funny man.  If I wasn't the instigator, she was.  We valued our independence and inner strength.  We valued having a good time and pushing the limits.  I remember getting into trouble a few times. 
Ok, there were many.
Too many to list.

We were young and more than a little foolish.  I learned a great deal about who I was to become during those funny and troubled times.  I will always be thankful to Mardell for that. 

From our brief afternoon I learned we are wiser now, but not so very different.  I also learned she makes some pretty adorable kids!


Anaface said...

You all look so beautiful! In the old days did you two plan to marry bald men?:)

Monique said...
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Monique said...

You both look so great! Time has been kind on the both of you~ It's fun when 2 worlds come together again! I miss you and can't wait to see ya!