Saturday, June 5, 2010

my baby is seven

Oh Nadia. Our sweet, sweet Noni-b. 

Seven! I can not believe how much you have changed this past year.  My mini-me is gone.  You have become your own little person, you are taller, you are sillier, you are louder, you are even more beautiful.  But through all of this change you still are sure to tell us, ever so often, how you value your family more than anything else.  You have told us all about your plans to live next door and build a tunnel between our homes so we can always be in contact.  I love that about you, you plan ahead.  You have even gone as far as drawing our homes and we have talked about how your talents, your love of math, attention to detail, and super art skills, would lend themselves to architecture some day.  But there we go, trying to plan for you when we all know that you will do exactly what you want to do, another great quality we see emerging.

This was a year of perserverance for you. When something became difficult you would strand tall and go at it again. From these challenges you have gained so much more than the goals you were trying to achieve.  You gained a sense of determination.  Something that took me many, many more years to learn.  You, at just seven!

We love you Nonikins. 
Happy Birthday my love.


Monique said...

HAPPY BIRHTDAY NONI!!! We miss you and will see you next month maybe :) Hope 7 is as wonderful as 6 was!

Monique, Atticus and Tennyson

PRP said...

Happy birthday to such a sweet girl. I'm so glad we've known her for as long as we have. We've loved every second.

Mimi said...

Thank you for the kind birthday wishes you two:)