Tuesday, June 15, 2010


personal-sized portions of happiness.

I made 180 or so of these little celebratory perfections for my students to end the year. 
Let the summer begin!


PRP said...

A) I love that picture.

B) You are insane for making that many cupcakes, but I'm sure you already know that.

C) Let's go on a date soon.

D) Happy Summer!

Mimi said...

Karen- Thank you, yes, yes and right back at 'cha!

Best of luck with the relay for life. You guys have raised a good chunk of cash, but when it comes to stopping cancer, any little bit more will help.

To those of you that don't already know, Karen (PRP) is heading a relay for life team. What a worthy cause!! It is not too late to make YOUR donation...just link to her blog. She makes it really simple from there.