Tuesday, January 5, 2010

girl time

The other night as I snuggled up with Nadia in her twin bed we had a laugh attack like no other. Everything she said brought me to stitches. Every expression I made doubled her over with giggles that emanated from her toes.
Last night in the shower, she and I sang the Star Spangled Banner at the top of our lungs. She capped off our performance with an improv with a voice that I can only describe as a possession from the depths of the underworld meets Cali-girl. No one does the Valley-Girl-Princess-of-Darkness like Nadia.

Tonight, while doing pistachio math, she stopped, squared off and thanked me for helping her be a math girl.
I want to squeeze these moments in time, squish them deep into my heart so I will always be able to pluck them out when ever I need a little girl time.
I hope she can do the same.


Trevor and Sara said...

#1 - How in the hell do you take pictures like that??? I am serious, Melanie, you are freakin' GOOD.

#2 - Picturing you two singing The Star Spangled Banner made me laugh out loud!

I love you guys!

PRP said...

That is so awesome. Nothing beats a little singin' in the shower.