Saturday, January 30, 2010

32 & 33

Sanguine Sara...happy birthday my dear friend.  I recently told you I keep you around because you think I am funny.  While that is a definate perk, the truth is, I keep you around because you are uplifting, either through your humor (humor that is possibly only matched by Tony in my book), or by your insightful questioning that always leaves me feeling like I have thought myself through a mindful 5K.  I hope your 32nd year brings you answered prayers and a joy akin to what you bring to our lives.


Luminous Monique...a very happy birthday to you.  I wish I could be there to help you celebrate your birthday!  While I do love the phone calls and occasional facebook connection, I so miss the beautiful light that you shine on everyone around you.  May all of your birthday wishes be granted and may you be spoiled with all of the kindness that you usually dole out. 


PRP said...

Happy birthday ladies!!

Trevor and Sara said...

Melanie...I adore you. Thank you for your beautiful words. The only problem is, you made me tear up at school in front of my students. So now I hate you.