Thursday, January 28, 2010

about Tuesday

Today is not Tuesday of course.
Today is Thursday.
Thursday is the day before Friday.
I am reminded of this each and every Thursday.
Friday is daddy day.
This Friday is special because it is pajama day AND daddy day AND figures with fathers day!

But this is about Tuesday, not Thursday or Friday.

On Tuesday Aidan competed in the Pine Wood Rocket Derby for his pack.  He won his first three heats with the banana yellow and red popscicle looking rocket.  He placed third overall. 
It was chaos.  It was fun- 8 year old boy, running, squealing, cheerful, sugared chaos, as told by Tony.

On Tuesday Nadia and I went to the first Chiawana-Pasco Basketball game.  She danced to the Marching Band.  She cheered for the points scored.  She asked me questions.  She watched the cheerleaders with indifference.  She wanted popcorn and decided that the neck and neck intensity wasn't worth wasting away over.  We gave up our seats to one of the ten or so families standing on the stairs, got our popcorn and headed home.  But not before the Riverhawks chanted "This is OUR house" as CHS finished in the lead. 

All of this Tuesday-ness and neither Tony nor I had the camera.  Phumph! 

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PRP said...

I hate being without my camera. I've started keeping it in my purse so I have it all the time.

Friday's are the best!