Friday, January 22, 2010

a day in the life of me

I am sure someday Aidan and Nadia will wonder who exactly their mother was. They may wonder what she did all day or perhaps what went on inside her perfectly odd melon. Well, here it is...all times are approximate…

2:00 am- toss and turn and be thankful for a husband who lets the dog out in the middle of the blessed night.

3:00 am’ish- fall back asleep

4:30 am- scoop Aidan up and stick him in the middle because a) I already know he had a nightmare, b) the kid’s a dang furnace when he sleeps and I haven’t a chance of catching a wink if I am sandwiched between him and Tony

5:40 am- scootch Aidan over because Tony is already down with the dog and Nadia wants to snuggle. Try to squeeze 15 more minutes of sleep out of the night

5:45 am- realize it is futile, brush my teeth and head downstairs to see Tony. Tony is missing. My intuition says he has gone to get me a donut. Head up to the shower.

Almost 6 am- Nadia, Tony and Margo all greet me as I wrap up, all three apparently on a sugar high from just hearing the word donut.  Wake Aidan with smooches and secretly like that he is snuggled in my bed.

6:15 am- answer the phone, talk to my sister

6:20 am- answer the phone, talk to my brother

6:40 am- answer the phone, talk to my dad & my mom while I enjoy my enormous donut

7:00 am- leave for work and arrive in just 4 minutes.

7:04 am- answer emails, send emails, turn on some music, talk about tests, talk about biology, enjoy a cupcake & diet pepsi, realize I am seriously in need of restraint, enter grades, plan lessons, make shopping list, check cnn & msnbc & my blog, make color-coordinated labels for EVERYTHING I can think of, make vocabulary lists, clean up after slovenly students and wait for my first final.

10:00 am- give first final, wonder why 15 - 16 year olds are physically incapable of being silent for 90 minutes, wonder why I can't pick my own classes, decide if I could, I would keep this group ALL day.  Wonder if Aidan is enjoying music today. Think how interesting it is the classification of musical instruments that rocks his musical world right now.  Wonder if Nadia has drawn me anything today.  Wonder if she really will move to Paris someday and start the count down to when I can retire and holiday with her.

11:30 am- hightail it the 1/4 mile from my room to the front entrance, hop in Sara's ride and let her buy me lunch.  Savor the greatness that is Taco Bell.  Drink another DP.

12:25 pm- give second final, input grades and count the minutes until I am done.  Ponder all of lifes choices laid out neatly before me. Feel blessed.  Feel loved.  Miss my kids.  Miss my husband.  Check my email just in case he sent a note. 

1:52 pm- turn 33

1:55 pm- release the beasts who are wired from two days of testing, grade and tie up loose ends before 2 family days and a mommy day, feel really accomplished after doing so much dreaded paperwork.

3:45 pm- go home to a clean house, a passing sewage inspection, and my perfect husband

3:55 pm- get the kids off the bus, squeeze them, love them, hug them, ask them about thier day and squeeze them again for good measure (pronounced mae-zur).

4:00 pm- open my present from my dear sister and from Tony because both are impatient.  I promise it is them and not me.  My sister rocks the knitting needles and I will be all snuggly-relaxing with my new book from Tony and blanket from Andria.   I spent the next two-ish hours watching Aidan and Nadia be kids.

6:00 pm- Dinner at Emerald of Siam's with my Mom, Dad, brother and his family, Sara & Trevor, Pauline, and of course my brood. 

7:30 pm- back at home eating cake and cake and more cake.  Oh and cherry chip ice cream.  Oh and I opened presents.  Lovely presents of my favorite things.  And with lovely people. 

9:00 pm- send my lovelies off to bed.

9:30 pm- off to bed myself, just a little bit older, not too much wiser, but feeling very loved.


Bella Mente said...

I am glad that you had a wonderful Birthday! :)

PRP said...

Sounds like a perfect day. I'm so sorry I missed sending you birthday love on your actual birthday...I was in Coeur d'Alene and am completely lame.

Relish all that is 33! It's a great time to be a woman, to not make excuses for yourself anymore and to love all that makes up your life.

Happy Birthday!

Mimi said...

Thank you both.
Karen- I hope you had a wonderful weekend:) I plan to do just as you say and relish 33!