Thursday, January 14, 2010

fettered and unfettered

During lunch I drive the four minute commute back home to let Margo out, as this is my latest charge. So much for simplifying life. This responsibility, adding a beloved dog to our family not the task of letting her out, has added complexity to our lives but it has also kept us home more, reminded us of patience and growing pains, and has brought the simple joys of laughing your tail off at all things puppy. These are simple pleasures. Pure pleasures. Shared pleasures.

Today this task brought the stirrings of unbridled spring fever. Spring fever is my own special brand of torture that I have suffered from yearly from age 16 on. Driving back I reveled in the sun-baked smell of the dashboard. My mind flashed to the possibility of just passing by the entrance to work, arriving outside of the squatty-fat building that holds my love captive. Stealing him away. The two of us finding a patch of sun, warming a grass-covered path, that is begging to be hiked. I thought about the contradiction of the liberating weight of my sunglasses against my nose, and the burden of the lanyard around my neck. In the end, the gravity of my keys and 8G thumbdrive dangling at the end of the lanyard (and the responsibility to the youth of America of course) pulled my car into the lot.

My body may have been fettered to this daily routine but my mind was unfettered, free to roam the possibilities of the coming weekend. Today, no amount of whining from my sweet pupils could get me to close the blinds. They remained open and I counted down the hours to Friday afternoon.


PRP said...

Isn't it lovely out there? Just knowing that my kids can play OUTSIDE this afternoon makes me all smiley.

Bella Mente said...

:) Anytime you want to escape on that sunny afternoon.. give me a call! Id be more than willing to do anything to allow a friend to have a splendid warm day!