Wednesday, September 30, 2009

imagine me poking myself in the head and reciting stupid stupid stupid

Tony always says, "quit signing up for stuff", except I think his 'stuff' rhymes with smit.

I am a teacher.
I am a teacher of high school-ers.
I get paid to make a fool of myself nearly daily to drive home any point (visualize me standing on one foot balancing dramatically and exclaiming HOMEOSTASIS to 15 & 16 year olds).
I am a teacher of high school-ers in a brand new spanking school (yes, James, a school of mythical creatures). A school that is trying to build school spirit with adolescents that have been uprooted, miss their friends, miss their routines and are missing an opportunity to make history.

So when we were asked to volunteer to act a fool as cheerleaders totally SNL-style, I signed up.

Then they practiced while I facilitated a science department meeting.

I read the notes. Re-read the notes. Read between the lines and discovered that the SNL portion of the skit was only act I. Act II requires skill that left my spirit fingers, split making thighs and flyer-confident-air-born-body about 2 kids ago. What did I get myself into?

So I dug out my cheer leading skirt, smiled when I could still zip it up and practiced some high kicks. I then laughed myself silly as I caught the reflection of me trying in vain to replicate the jump that got me on voted onto the little squad in high school. Nadia put on my other skirt and busted a move as only she can. (Only briefly did I contemplate mimicking her routine). As the two of us cheered for Aidan's Spitting Cobra DanceBall Team (what the what what?) I decided that I will act a fool to the best of my ability and hope some how, some way it inspires some sort of spirit in those kids.
Clap-it, oh yeah, clap-it like there is no tomorrow.


Bella Mente said...

I LOOOVE IT!!! When do you perform!? I would loove to see this! How exciting! Is Sara doing it with you?

Trevor and Sara said...

Um, no, Sara is NOT doing it with you. Are you going to wear your cheerleading skirt tomorrow? You would make many a male student very happy if you did... :)

Bella Mente said...

haha.. I think I agree with you Sara.. tons of happy boys at Chiawana! ;) and Sara.. I bet tons of boys would b e happy to see you too ;)

Amy said...

LOL... that is awesome. Good luck!

at least you had fun with your kids, right?

AOlson said...

Oh man! I want to watch!! You are awesome! I only WISH I could still zip up my old cheer skirt. Kudos to you. Those kids better get inspired, they don't know how lucky they are!!