Saturday, September 5, 2009

a back to school special

Good morning to you.
Good morning to you.
We're all in our places,
with sunshiny faces,
and this is the way,
we start a new day!

My mom sang this song to us in the morning for as long as I can remember. She has a much better voice than I do, but I sing this to Aidan and Nadia anyway (and a jazzy little ditty about a bird on the mornings we need a little spring in our steps).

The first day of school was no different. Our routine began without a hitch, well except for the not so minor or classy temper tantrum I threw in the parking lot of the elementary school when I could not park my car and get to my children that we won't talk about.

Aidan was grinning from ear to ear as I walked him to class. He was excited to see his friends from last year and greeted them as we walked up. For those that know my let-the-people-come-to-me son this is a progressive step. He had an eventful week as a second grader that included a migraine, a new fascination with marbles, and a couple of stars for great behavior. Leave it to him to create adventure.

Nadia reported that she has not learned anything in first grade yet because "it takes a while to learn things Mom". Just as I finished typing that statement I watched her roll down the road like a pro on her bike that she just taught herself to ride, singing "I'm ridin' a two wheeler" at the top of her lungs. We took the training wheels off last weekend and made one great attempt at teaching her to ride. Maybe it is not teaching she needs, but freedom?


Monique said...

Yeah...I am so happy that Aidan is so confident in his new class and that Nadia is enjoying her freedom. Thank you for sharing the first days with us! Miss you tons!


Bella Mente said...

WUhoo!! Seems like they are growing up sooo fast! It has been fun to see the changes in them over that last couple years thats for sure!! I cant believe how much Aidan is stepping outside of his norm.. thats amazing!! :) and Nadia.. oh Nadia :) her little sayings and comments crack me up! Since I dont get to see you all often, it is super nice that you update via Blogging! :) I love it!! MIss you all!!