Sunday, October 4, 2009

changing seasons

golden autumn
crispWe love celebrating the changing season from summer to fall with preparing for Halloween.
Ordering and planning costumes has become a laborious task of weighing the pros and cons, costs and uniqueness, durability and option for accessories.
Creating the one of the last circular patterns in the grass as Tony's days of mowing wind to an end has become a source of glee for me as I despise yard work.
Giggling as I morbidly lie down so Tony can realistically place the emerging skeleton in the graveyard has become an annual tradition.
Choosing the headstone that will get the memorial plastic mum bouquet has become an important decision.

Straightening the ominous crow atop the lamp post has become a balancing act.

Artfully arranging the pile of lighted bones has become a production.

Instead of just decorating for Halloween this year we also cleared the family garden. And by we I mean Tony. I just took pictures when he was done. And by family garden I mean Tony's garden. He planted, he rototiller-ed, he raked, he transplanted, he spread manure, he weeded, he flexed his green thumb, he rotated, he harvested, he let us enjoy the literal fruits of his labor and then he cleared all of the debris. His most prolific plants were the tomatoes, onions and the pumpkins that took over the every square inch they could stretch their tendrils to. Thank you Honey!!!


AOlson said...

Your Halloween Decor sounds spook-tacular. I would love to bring my babes by for a peek around!!

Monique said...

I love that the harvest was a success! Congrats Farmer Tony! What are your little ghouls going to be for Halloween? Atticus and T want to be Phineas and Ferb! The hunt is on! Thank you for sharing my dear poet friend!

Amy said...

Cute post!

Good job on the garden. I'm impressed!

superbrad9 said...

When you write your blog posts before you start to write do you think in your head - "I am going to write in such a way that Brad will have NO IDEA what I am trying to say..." I read the words and understand the letters but at the end of your posts I just sit there and stare blankly at the screen because I haven't understood one thing of what I just read.....

Mimi said...

I am still laughing at your comment!