Sunday, September 13, 2009


a clean and fresh refrigerator.

Sure it may sound a little lame, perhaps like we had nothing better to do this weekend than to scrub our cooler like there was no tomorrow, but it was satisfying. Whenever there was need for a drink of cool water, a sneak of a strawberry, milk to dole out for the children, a craving of Tapatio by Aidan that drew me back to the fridge ,I couldn't help but feel a satisfaction of team work. Without verbal agreement, Tony and I systematically unloaded, scrubbed, wiped, reorganized and straightened the interior of our fridge. We didn't need a contract of who would do what or how it would be done. When the less than fresh smell of shrimp nearly knocked us clean off our slippered feet, we pulled together the team's finest smell-eradication-skills we could offer.

It is not that we didn't have other highlights. Watching Nadia try her toes at her first Irish Dance class was wonderful. Fulfilling Aidan's week-long dream of having his own set of marbles was gratifying. Beaming as Nadia shook her unabashed groove thing every time the Chiawana Marching Band played at the inaugural game was delightful. Marveling at the ingenuity and questioning the thinking of designers while discussing with Aidan the most important features that make a house a home as we toured a few Parade of Homes was inspiring. Spending an hour curled on the couch while Tony and Nadia played in the garage was rejuvenating. Enjoying a bonfire and wonderful conversation while children played in the dark (and never succumbing to the taunts of a smore) was pleasurable. Brewing tea in a beautiful new teapot was delicious.

All of these moments hold their singular brand of special, but the blue ribbon winner of satisfaction the beauty of organized and sparkling condiments, the eager Tupperware containers awaiting lunchtime duty, and the sweet smell of nothing as the thick sound of rubber pulling from the door frame fans the fridges' cool innards toward my nose.


PRP said...

You're the only person I know who could make cleaning a fridge sound poetic.

And resisting the s'more temptation? Bold, sister, very bold.

Anaface said...

Do you do microwaves? Not that mine needs your magic:)

Amy said...

I second Karen's first remark. lol...
needless to say, I will not be posting any pictures of my refrigerator any time soon.

Bella Mente said...

:) it lookz wonderful!! you should come to the volleyball game this Saturday.. Chiawana vs Pasco :) lol 10 am!! is JV and 11 30 is Varsity at Ochoa!

Bre said...

It took me about 20 minutes to figure out how in the world I am to post a comment, but I figured it out at last!
Oh it is so sweet to read of your adventures and to see the cutest kids ever! It sounds like you are so happy and doing great! I was so happy to get an email from you the other day. I want to stay in touch, so I shall be more intentional in that! I hope you have a marvelous week! xoxox love, Bre