Wednesday, September 9, 2009

this and that

While he did that... They did this...

and what did I do you ask?
I, well I did a great deal of practical things. I documented these moments for example. I made roast beef with garlic from Nana Becky's garden, carrots, mashed potatoes and the kind of gravy that makes you want to bury your tongue in the gravy bowl (exactly like my mom taught me). I watched Cake Boss and learned about the Italian American culture. I checked on Tony's progress offering my ever-so-appreciated suggestions and innovative yet occasionally completely useless for one reason or another solutions as I am want to do on so many projects. I languished in this fall day by just enjoying the crazy obstacle course that Nadia set up instead of thinking about the negotiation I was sure I would need to do to get it picked up. I mourned the passing of summer warmth just a little but looked toward the crisp temperatures for the Halloween costumes, 1st annual Pumpkin Party, Chicago visit and new rhythm of a school year they promise to bring.

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