Tuesday, June 26, 2007

To my sister

I have struggled the past few weeks with what to say to you, knowing that I 'should' say nothing and that I 'should' just listen and that I 'should' just stay out of it. I have never been very good at 'should'. What I want you to know is that I believe in you. I know you will do what is best for you, Lane and Kaid. You always have. I know that making these decisions are tough and I know you are struggling too. I also know that coming to what ever decision it is will take time, and I am trying to be patient and not pressure you. Just know this, OK? We all believe in you. You are in many ways the center of this family. I know that is the burden of the middle child, but you do keep us connected. That is not a string to pull you back, it is merely a statement that hopefully will tell you that we care about you. I love you and can not wait to see you again. Please take care of yourself.

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face said...

I love you and am very thankful for your sistership, friendship and love.