Monday, June 11, 2007

Day 1 . . .

The stage is mine! I have you cornered. There is no escape, because like me, you are one of those rubber-neckers that backs up traffic. You are witnessing a trainwreck and you can't turn your eyes away.

Ok, maybe not a trainwreck, but I am sure something in here will come back to bite me in my proverbial buttocks.

So here goes.

My life story.

Where to begin?

Ummmmm. Let me see here.

Now that I have all of these listeners I have nothing to say. My teenage motto was, "I can talk talk talk talk talk talk talk". This motto was particularly useful when people would tell me to be quiet and in my ultra-mature 12-year old mind this catchy retort made sense. I did not, scratch that, do not like being told what to do. I would continue on talking, about nothing, until I chose to stop. Oh, how defiant I was.

Only now, I feel all talked out.

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