Thursday, June 28, 2007

Comments and more

Please feel free to comment on my blathering-ons of crazy or boring thoughts. I would love for this to be a reciprocal forum rather than just reading my own thoughts each day.

Today is a beautiful day. I feel like I have really committed to this silly town. For those that know me really well know that this is a really step for me. I usually have some itch for a move up my sleeve. Commitment to a place is my only real commitment-a-phobia. I have always imagined living in a big city or have researched relocating to a far away place or researched living overseas for a new adventure. I found adventure right in my own backyard! I went to the public library and got a card. Sounds simple enough. Again, if you know me, you will know that I do not feel comfortable doing new things by myself. I had to give myself a serious peptalk this morning. I mindlessly picked the phone up several times to invite people so I didn't have to 'go it alone'. I had to make conscious decisions to put it down before I dialed. Wow. I did not realize how deep rooted my inhibitions go. But I did it! I also registered the munchkins for the summer reading program. Ahh, more commitment! I am actually looking forward to reading 15 hours with them! We went to craft time and I can not possibly describe the creative talents of my mini-DaVinci's. I am very proud! I am just a smidge embarrassed that I too joined in and quickly developed some elaborate plan for my lion mask, only to be blocked by limited resources. It had real potential to be one of the best card stock and tissue paper masks I have ever made. There is always next week! I encourage all of you to look around your area for fun and free activities. They also serve free lunch at the park across the street. I will really have to work up to that one.

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