Monday, December 17, 2012

where tragedy takes us

we have been walking around with heavy hearts since friday's sandyhook tragedy. 

we are trying to find the lessons in all of this, the sense in all of this, the something that will set things right.  i know we all are. 
tony and i look at each other and find a surge of love.  we look at our children and surge again.  we look at a child in a cart at the grocery store, and there it is again.  we put together our teacher gifts, and again our hearts surge.  and we see the pictures of the lost and focus our energy there.  i refuse to hear anything about the man that did this.  tragedy has taken us away from the sensationalism.  it has taken us closer to home.  tragedy takes us to find those who helped, those who saved and to comfort those who lost, including all those who lost their innocence.

like many have said before, and i pray that is what prevails, i hope humanity focuses our love and attention on the victims.

it's a delicate thing.  it's not our tragedy, but it is.  it is all of ours. 
we have faith that a focus on love, a focus on loss, a focus on life, will carry us through. 

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Lorena Hernandez said...

Well said Melanie. I refused to hear about the jerk too! All the analytical b.s. May those babies and educators rest in peace.