Monday, December 17, 2012

festivus of tony

great friends shared with us the idea of a birthday week, rather than just a day. 

celebrate tony for more than one day?  i'm in.

and a tradition of the festivus of tony begins.  and not a moment too soon.  this guy is 36 years old!

and we love every single thing about him...
his generous heart,
his handiness,
his contagious laughter,

and most of all, we love him for the way he loves us.

happy birthday tony.
melanie, aidan, nadia, spark, margo, gordo, eclipse, razor, all the quail you feed in the backyard, the future reindeer and the lonely little betta.

1 comment:

his little lady said...

That photo is perfect! What a sweet post, and a very happy birthday to him :)
xo TJ