Monday, April 2, 2012

my dad

my dad had a big birthday on saturday.

 he is a laid back, easy going kinda guy of few, albeit poignant, words.  he is also quite reserved.  i like those qualities, but they do make it difficult to celebrate him in any kind of big, public way.  there was a pin that inspired us (my brother, sister and i) to reach out to his friends and families, collect some memories, and put them in a book. 

it kind of snowballed from there because then people wanted to know when we were celebrating and we ended up having a small supposed-to-be-surprise party.  all of the covert action and endless phone calls, emails and fb messages were completely worth it.  we learned some interesting stories about our dad, and the book turned out to be a treasure for all of us. 

happy birthday dad. 
i love you.

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Bella Mente said...

That is THE coolest idea!! What a great birthday for him! :)