Thursday, March 22, 2012

for a good time...

you probably don't want to call me.
unless you are aidan. 
then ring a ding ding...

wet, gross, snow covering our shoes and soaking our pants to mid calf,
uphill both ways, countless times, trudging across campus,
piles of dead animals,
...and animal parts,
...and dissected, color-coded animals,
...and dead-boring professors yammering on about college readiness.
getting lost
...more than once,
riding on a straight backed bus seat for nearly six hours with stinky, giggly sophomores.

and spending the whole day together, picking and planning and plotting his future as a WSU veterinarian student. 

1 comment:

Trevor and Sara said...

A WSU Veterinarian student!!! Why is this child the child of my dreams? First honor choir, then baseball, and now WSU Veterinary School! You're killing me!