Tuesday, April 17, 2012

and sometimes you have to take it to the skies

in the roughly 142 times we have been to seattle and of the 764 times the persistant bachart children have asked, we have been to the spaceneedle exactly one time.  it was well worth the bazillion dollars spent to ride an elevator & park, eat the best meal at the melting pot, and the chinsy souviners to sing and dance loudly on a street corner while tony had a, how shall i say this,  a moment of solitude of relief in a perfectly out of place porta potty.  poor tony. how can you not love a guy to pieces who doesn't get mad when you and your children are acting a fool while he is in a rare form of agony?  love him.


Anonymous said...

Was there TP in the PP? Never know if the paper is going to be in those things!

Melanie said...

Thankfully yes! It was in the weirdest spot though; in a neighborhood on the side of the street, no construction around.