Sunday, March 18, 2012

i love...

i love antibiotics...
   because bronchitis sucks.
   because it tears a mama's heart up to see her boy clutch his sore belly muscles when he coughs.
   because he needs to get better by tuesday so his glove can catch a grounder, instead of his face.

i love that tony gets a bug in his bu--er--bonnet & decides to tear apart a perfectly problematic door.
   because he has a knack for finding a solution to a problem that considers my ideas too.
   because he has this energy that is infectious when he gets started.
   because he is entirely capable.

i love busy-ness in an 8 year old package.
   because she entertains her sick brother & brings him drinks & remotes & reciprocates his air-hugs.
   because she insists tony use her purple handled tools whenever possible.
   because she pauses writing book reports, filling out her calendar & redesigning her house to snuggle.

i love sunset runs...
   because tony pushes through and makes me want to too.
   because i can make him laugh when i get uber excited about marmots crossing the bike path.
   because i feel strong enough to throw my hands up in the air sometimes & sing a-o mid-run.

i love margo's face...
   because she hasn't torn anything up in a while, if you don't count the carpet in the office.

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Bella Mente said...

:) I love how you share your happiness with the world- it is very infectious.