Monday, March 19, 2012

who's a lucky girl?

i am. 

because i have parents who heard aidan hacking over the phone yesterday and insisted on driving the 50 miles at 6:00 am to spend the day with him even though my mom had significant shoulder surgery just 2 weeks ago and my dad always has a list of things he could be doing. 
who took nadia to school so she wouldn't feel left out. 
who spoiled him with bacon and added cayenne to his pizza rolls.
who listened to the confusing details of pokemon. 
who watered our plants. 
who offered to come back tomorrow even though i bet they were bored outta their gourds. 

thanks mom & dad.  we love you. 

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Tracy said...

Sorry Aidan is sick. Hope he is feeling better soon. Also sorry I didn't get to talk today. I had every intention and then I had to go appologize for not being at GOTR.