Thursday, May 5, 2011

that kind of girl

there i was, checking some grades for some squirrel-y 4th hour crazies and counting down the minutes to the magical lunch bell at 12:04, when in walked a ray of sunshine with her two littlest rays close behind, carrying a toteful of homemade deliciousness. 


this glorious gourmet gal brought us lunch.  not just any lunch, but spinach and pasta salad with her own signature dressing, fresh baked bread and dessert that was pretending to be raspberry jam.  who does this?  who brings their friends a home cooked masterpiece to celebrate teacher appreciation week when they don't even have kids at that school?  only a truly giving, truly talented and truly fantastic friend would do that.  only someone like karen...

thank you KAREN!



PRP said...

Anything for you, my friend, anything at all. :)

Bella Mente said...

totally jealous. I need to befriend this Karen :) Happy teacher appreciation week Melanie!! hope your students recognized your awesomeness this week! I still think it is so funny that you were once my student teacher! It feels like just yesterday!