Monday, May 23, 2011

meow mix

i can't believe i have not written about this!

it is like the most exciting thing in my life!

ok- so maybe not THE most exciting thing but come on!


but wait there is more...i didn't even have to make any promises this time.  tony -all on his own, without any prompting- told aidan and nadia that they could each pick out a kitten from my mom's pile 'o kitties. 
[by the by, my parents only have one cat, pickle.  their neighbor has a ton of cats that have babies at regular intervals and sometimes the mamas get smart and move down the road where their is less chaos and kind hearted people.  members of my family, tony and i included, have been known to spay and neuter strays if possible]  anywho.....
back to KITTENS!

aren't they so cute?

this is acrobat. 
he is fiesty and ferocious.
and he is nadia's.

this is eclipse.
she is reserved and a little lopsided.
she always climbs up on my shoulders...
and sometimes on my head.
she is all aidan's.

don't you just want to snuggle their little faces?

 and dangle a little yarn for them to attack?
and watch them tackle each other?

and i know you want one of your very own,
don't you?


Bella Mente said...

as much as I have a hard time with kitties, YES I would love one... haha I love the fact that Eclipse is lopsided haha... too cute... I have to make sure not to show Jake this; he might ask for directions to your mom's place!

Anonymous said...

Oh yes please set us up with as many as you can... These humdingers will go great with my 374 other cats in the house. They don't go outside because of the dogs that pace around. Not everyone can see them but I know they are there, laying in wait for a poor helpless kitten to cross their path. Oh a world without dogs! Dogs seem to make people do their bidding without any effort. You see them walk them and talk to them like they actually understand. We cats, I mean cats, do nothing but run the show. We are like the felines of the feline world. You know because we are, I mean they are cats of course and felines are cats so it would stand to reason that dogs are not cats and should not be able to coexist without some sort of "mind retraining" to help them to focus on being more independant. Anywho... Please send me all the information so that I may place these cats in my spacious 872 squares of purr palace, snicker, I love to call it that. They will love it and we will all get along as long as those awful pooches do not invade the Purr Palace... Hurry, we are waiting!

Mimi said...

please just leave your name and I will send animal rescue...I mean the kittens over right away. Don't pay the kittens any mind if they are carrying nets and tranquilizer guns, they just like to play dress up. You will see they are crazy fun like that.

Anonymous said...

boidhchead giogan!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!