Tuesday, May 3, 2011

i felt it

i felt it this morning.

my route to work and my lovelies’ school has me circling up road 68 and down road 100.

as i faced east on the 3rd leg i felt it.
the sun washed over my face and neck, its warmth soaking into my skin.
my periphery was drenched in green leaves and the tiniest of white blossoms. there it was.

nothing left to lose was coming through the speakers. as the lines
Come on and we'll sing, like we were free
Push the pedal down watch the world around fly by us
rang out, i felt it.

it resonated within me. it kept my belt clasped tight around me as i lined up with light post #30, parking in my usual spot. it held me there when normally i would be scrambling to set everything straight and head in.

spring was there, wrapped about me.  that old familiar spring fever was racing through me, quickening my heartbeat. my fingers pulsed, ready to back out of that spot, gather my babes and see where the road takes us.

.....and then wham! a certain student popped up beside my window waving and yelling hello!!!

i was this close i tell you...this close...


Bella Mente said...

next time... do it... and take me with you! Your writing made me feel everything... inspiring to find the open road and keep on keepin' on with love, warmth, and happiness to guide!

Anaface said...

push the hammer down, ba-by and bring it here!

Bridget said...


and i love your pumpkin puree tip!

PRP said...

I love this post.