Sunday, June 28, 2009

Tony's new toy

I am married to one of the most determined and hardworking men I know (he is too young to give him the championship quite yet). Tony knew in junior high that he was going to be an engineer and he knew that during his lifetime he wanted to accomplish a list of things, learning to sail was one of the top three. He successfully completed a sailing class but the itch just wasn't scratched.

Maybe now?Complete with crew!


Anaface said...

Your boat looks like so much fun! Ya for you guys! Mel, I expect to see photos of you on the boat in the water (away from the dock)!

Monique said...

Wow! Tony you are definitely full of life. Where will you sail it? We have some good rivers here too. You could sail down the Columbia and stop here! Love it!

Mimi said...

oh my, don't give him any ideas Monique! Can't wait to see you!!!