Saturday, June 27, 2009

Nerd Camp


Aidan and Nadia spent this past week at WSU's Summer Science Camp '09. The session they attended was all about physics. On Friday they invited us to the Big Event where we

...made paper airplanes,

...made roller coasters,
...adopted some friends along the way whose parents couldn't make it,
...dropped parachutes,and raced rubber band dragsters.
Throughout the week they brought home all sorts of projects that they worked on, talked about Newton's three laws, sang some science songs and came home completely wiped each day. Nadia had initial reservations but made some friends and enjoyed the projects. Aidan relished the opportunity to challenge the teacher about the 4th state of matter, plasma. They love science.
I am sure Tony nor I influenced them in the least.
We are looking forward to next year!

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Anaface said...

I am so glad that you guys had such a great time!