Saturday, June 6, 2009

My baby

Nadia my sweet!

As I cradle you in my arms snuggled in a warm towel and smelling sweet and clean I think about the moment I pulled you from my body and held you close for the first time. At the time I thought that this was the very most precious moment you and I would ever share. How quickly it was shadowed by each and every giggle, each and every song, each and every story and even every independence exerting, giggle inducing, hands-on-hip, articulate and classic I-statement throwing fit. I can not believe I have had six years of moments that continue to best each and every other perfectly wondrous moment before. You are strong, creative, compassionate and beautiful. Dad and I have enjoyed watching you traverse kindergarten. Your teachers describe you as a joy to have in class and we have noticed how easily you make friends, both girls and boys. At the end of the day we have a new ritual where you tell me three things about your day and I have come to look forward to how you stand up for your friends, look out for your brother, look forward to your next art project and describe every detail of how you ended up with lunch on your clothes. You melt my heart when you ask to take care of me and when you bubble over with excitement as you count down to your next 'daddy day'. Even as I cradle you now trying to hold onto my baby for just a little while longer I look forward to seeing the amazing woman I know you will become.
Love you the mostest of the hostess cream heart pie.

Nadia with 'Guinie' the guinea pig she got from Aidan.
Nadia's friends came to wish her happy birthday and rock out! (not pictured is the video we did not get of Unkie Monkey doing his rendition of Roxanne on the Karoke machine) Lisa made sure the girls looked the part with tattoos and Sara made sure each star was pleasantly pampered. Thank you Ladies!Nadia helped Grammie 'glam up'. and loved on Papa.Grandpa John and Nana Becky made the trip over the mountains. You can see that even the Bachart Boys seemed to have a good time. (trust me, Aidan had a blast inside with his friend Spencer).
Happy 6th Birthday Nadia! Thank you to all of her wonderful friends and our wonderful family for helping celebrate! We love you so very much.


Monique said...

Dearest Nadia,
Thank you for allowing me to get a glimpse of what your momma was like when she was your age. I haven't been as lucky as others to get to spend a lot of time with you but the little time I have, I am absolutely taken back by your intelligence, your independence, your beauty, your wit, and your GRACE. You are a beautiful little girl and I too look forward to watching you grow and knowing the elegant woman you will become. Happy Birthday little lady!


Monique said...

Atticus and Tennyson

Mimi said...

Oh Monique! You are so sweet to say such nice things. We have to make getting together a priority this summer!!! I hope all is well. Miss and love you! Mel

Bella Mente said...

i tell you.. the words you chose to write about this little bundle bring tears to my eyes! I cannot believe I have had the wonderful opportunity to have known you all for over 4 years now! wow.. nadia was just a little baby when I started babysitting :) waahh.. I wish I could have been there.. I really do miss these two kiddos.. of course you and tony as well.. not so much alice.. but thats okay.. seriously.. you and Tony need to leave the kids with me one day and go out! :) hope to talk/see/visit with you soon!!

Mimi said...

Lexi has a blog!!!! I lOVE it! I am so happy!!!

You can come play with the kids anytime, but I want to catch up too! Talk to you soon.

Cathy said...

Ahhhhh - That is so sweet I could cry. I wish I could go back in time and have babies all over again. Alas, my babies are now 19 and 21. It sounds like you're enjoying every minute of motherhood! Thanks for bringing back precious memories.