Sunday, January 18, 2009

Is it ...

a silly attempt at a ridiculous accent wall?

a crazy brown streak (meant to symbolize what I ask you)?
a reflection of some wicked brown curtains?
an amazing vision not quite brought to fruition?
a really big (albeit extremely clean and perfectly edged) brown mistake?
Kinda all of the above I guess.
When we painted accent walls before the carpet was even laid, our builder questioned our choices, especially the gargantuan brown stripe in the office. He did complement the razor like edges of the stripe and commented at how professional the pain job looked (you make me blush!) But still he, and every other person, was puzzled.
I knew what I wanted, a beautiful botanical outline. I finally choose an image from a field guide on line, cranked up my favorite hits (you guessed it, the music here on my blog) to set the artistic-vibe and started to paint...freehand. The stripe is floor to ceiling and the 'thistle' spans most of it.
Well, it's a wall. That is about as good a compliment I can give it. I like the overall stem structure, but I really am annoyed by the blooms.
Any suggestions??????????????????????????
And here is a sunset Tony captured the other evening. I love the trees in our back yard!

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PRP said...

How come you have a blog and I didn't know it???? You've been holding out on me!

I think your tree looks tremendous. You did a fantastic job, something I could NEVER do.