Friday, January 30, 2009

Happy Birthday Monique!!!!

Those who know Monique know . . .
. . . . . she has an eternal smile, even in the face of hardship

. . . . she has a voracious love for animals, especially those of the canine variety

. . .she has two beautiful boys that love her very much

. . she is a confidant, a giggler, an empathizer and a friend

. . . Monique is not her first name

. . . . she is a Coug!

. . . . . she is a great flag football player (really she is a great athlete all around)

. . . . . . she loves vegetables and fruit and angel food cake and Coca Cola

And turned 32 today ! ! !

Happy Birthday my dear friend! We are sending you the best birthday wishes from here to Oregon!

bummer: I don’t have any recent pictures of Monique because it has been ages since we have seen each other.


Monique said...

Hey you,
I couldn't wait to get on here and leave a comment. Thank you for the heart felt shout out!!! I love you so much and maybe I don't see you more because I feel so entirely empty when you leave. Your friendship, support, and love make me such a better person. Thank you for being my inspiration. This is going to be our year! We will look back and talk about our 32nd year! See you this summer!

Love always,

Mimi said...

I am SO happy you made a blog AND you commented on mine:) I miss you too and really, truely, can not wait until I see you in July. Either here or there!!!