Thursday, January 22, 2009

Happy Birthday to ME!

My entire blog was going to read just this one line "I'm old, that is all".

but then...

  • my brother texted me the day before my birthday (a long standing tradition)
  • my sister called me at 5am, and kept her boys from calling at 4!
  • my mom called me at 6am and my dad sang me happy birthday
  • my husband has said happy birthday exactly 22 times so far today
  • my kids sang to me this morning
  • one of my classes threw me a surprise birthday party, bringing tears to these normally-dry eyes
  • my friends decorated my classroom
  • I found very thoughtful presents on my desk chair
  • I found cards with heart-warming words
  • she brought me the best chai e-ver
  • two dear far-away friends sent me emails
  • my father in law called
  • my grandmother in law and grandfather in law called
  • my niece, nephew and sister in law called and sang happy birthday
  • she is also making me a cuban feast and wrote me a poem
  • my sister and nephews called and sang me happy birthday
  • my dear friend Monique called and wished me happy birthday
So, I am more than just old, I am LOVED. I can not thank you family and friends enough for making this day so special!!!


PRP said...

Woohoo! Happy birthday!

Mimi said...

Thank you Karen! I will add you to my list of wonderful birthday wishes that make me feel so loved!!!