Saturday, January 10, 2009

The end of an era

At least it seems that way to us.

This week we made the decision that our cat Shermie the Chicken needed to be put to sleep. She has been suffering from the effects of a pancreatic tumor that was diagnosed last spring. For over ten years she lived faithfully under our bed, only to come out to have her hair brushed or to get a nightly dose of affection. The tumor had one strange side effect, she became social, sort of. The tumor-induced-hunger made her impervious to all of those people who previously scared her (read: she truly did not value any human other than me). It was a difficult decision and my heart still hurts over it. Lucky or blessed don't begin to describe how I feel about the support I have had from Tony, my children, my sister and my mother, and my friend Sara. The cards, flowers and phone calls have helped more than you know.

Aidan reminded me that she is waiting on the rainbow that leads to Heaven (thank you Andria) and Nadia offered me her new phone because it can call to Heaven. These words from my kids have helped so much. Even when Nadia scolded Aidan by saying "we have to be nice to mom for a while, her cat's dead" I still felt strangely comforted.


Trevor and Sara said...

I love you, Melanikis, Nadia informed me today that Sherman lives in her heart. She lives in mine, too. These damn cats, I tell you...:)

Mimi said...

Thank you Sara. I do believe she does live in many hearts, but she is probably still hiding under a bed.